Homework 10/29/16

  1. Who were the Gaul’s?
  2. What were: chief nations of Galala. Northern and central parts of Asia.
    a. Tectosagi
    b. Tolistoboii
    c. Trocmi
  3. Whose dominium were they under during Paul’s time?
  4. What were some of the false teachings that the Galatians were slipping back into?
  5. Why did Paul see those false teachings as a problem?
  6. Compare/contrast some of the false teachings of then to 2016.
  7. Who were the legalizers? How would I identify me/them in 2016?
  8. What is the central theme of Galatians?
  9. Write a brief summary of what you want to accomplish in your life as a result of studying Galatians.
  10. In your opinion, what is the theology (concept of ideas/beliefs) of Galatians?
  11. What southern cities did God use Paul to establish churches in?

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