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Below are a list of documents as well as videos that cover pages that have already been created and how they were created. This is likely the easiest way to help understand how post are created in that content creation is the same whether on a page or post. By downloading the PDFs for pages already created you can compare what the front of the page looks like and be able to reference the page infrastructure that creates that page. (Currently 11-14-16)

Tutorial videos will be downloaded to your computers for viewing. They are in a created in a format that is usable on any platform so there should be no issues with viewing. If however your particular player has any problems you can download VLC player which is one that I use on my Macs and Windows computers primarily because it allows me more options than players already available on those platforms. You don’t need it but if you choose it can be downloaded here:

Docs & Tutorials

VIDEO Tutorials

Pages/Post Created From Scatch

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